Christmas Pudding


  • Christmas pudding originated in medieval England in the 1420s.
  • Christmas pudding is also known as plum pudding or plum duff.
  • A typical Christmas pudding contains sugar, treacle, suet, raisins and spices.
  • Christmas pudding traditions had a Roman Catholic influence, with puddings made with 13 ingredients, representing the 12 apostles plus Christ and was stirred from east to west to remember the magi.
  • Christmas pudding is traditionally cooked on a Sunday, 4-5 weeks before Christmas.

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  • Christmas pudding was traditionally steamed in a cloth, although pudding basins are now often used.
  • Christmas pudding is often hooked on a hook to dry after steaming, until Christmas day.
  • Christmas puddings are traditionally decorated with holly or skimmia, and usually served hot with custard.
  • Even though the Christmas pudding  is known as a ‘plum pudding’, the pudding has no plums, instead it has raisins, which in old Victorian times were called plums.
  • Coins (and sometimes other trinkets) were commonly cooked in the pudding mix, and whoever was lucky enough to have a coin in their slice of pudding got to keep the coin.
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