Christmas Gift

Do you look forwards to Christmas gifts during the Christmas season?

  • Christmas gifts are items given to other people during the Christmas season, and they can be given from a range of people including individuals, families, groups, and businesses.
  • The idea of giving Christmas gifts is often believed to have been inspired by the three gifts that the wise men or magi gave to Jesus after he was born, as well as the suggestion that gifts also symbolise Jesus, God’s gift.
  • The giving of gifts in December was practised by the Ancient Romans during the festival season of Saturnalia, which may have influenced the giving of Christmas gifts at a later time, and in the 1200s French nuns gave gifts to those less fortunate in early December for Saint Nicholas’ Day, and this tradition is still practised in some countries.
  • Christmas gifts only became a common tradition later in the 1700s; and prominent commercial Christmas advertising appeared by the 1820s.
  • Christmas gifts are commonly bought from retailers in October to December, when many shops start advertising their Christmas goods.

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  • Christmas gifts are commonly given and opened on Christmas Eve, the 24th December, or on the 25th of December, Christmas Day, although as late as the 6th of January is common in some countries.
  • One can often find Christmas gifts gathered around a Christmas tree or in Christmas stockings, closer to the designated date of opening.
  • The concept of Saint Nicholas, Santa Claus or the Christ Child (Kris Kringle) providing Christmas gifts, is not uncommon among children.
  • The influence of Christmas gifts has been discussed controversially; some say the gifts detract and distract from the true meaning of Christmas.
  • Christmas gifts are often exchanged between parents and children, extended family members and work colleagues, and gifts can range from simple home-made items that can include food, to extravagant expensive purchases.
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