These facts are like angels… they are shining.

  • Angels are said to be God’s messengers, and are often portrayed during the Christmas season.
  • Angels are typically depicted as humans with wings, and shine brightly.
  • Angels became popular starting from between 12th and 13th century, when Thomas Aquinas started teaching about them.
  • Angels are popular known as the bringers of the knowledge of the birth of Jesus Christ, particularly to Mary, Joseph and the shepherds.
  • Angels are popularly used as Christmas decorations, particularly as Christmas tree toppers.

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Angel Figurine
Image courtesy of Daniel St.Pierre/ Free Digital Photos

  • The New Testament of the Bible states that angels rejoice when one is remorseful for one’s own sin, and asks for God’s forgiveness.
  • The word ‘angel’, is from the Greek word ‘angelos’, meaning ‘messenger’.
  • It is believed that every single person has there own protective angel, who cares for the person.
  • Some people have worshipped angels, and throughout history there have been various opinions about this practice.
  • Christmas angels often symbolise goodness or joyfulness.
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